The soldier who removed his personal bladder stone

Whereas researching his 2017 guide on the historical past of coronary heart surgical procedure, medical journalist Thomas Morris perused heaps of journals from the 19th century. Someday, a headline on the web page reverses the one he was studying caught his eye: “sudden protrusion of the entire of the intestines into the scrotum.” It was a weird case from the 1820s, involving a laborer run over by a brick-laden cart. The ensuing hernia pressured his intestines into his scrotum, and but the laborer made a full restoration.

As soon as he bought over his preliminary amused revulsion, Morris was struck by the sheer ingenuity displayed by medical doctors in treating the person’s situation. And he discovered loads of different related weird circumstances as he continued his analysis, with individuals surviving really horrifying accidents a testimony to the resiliency of the human physique. “Medical doctors, even once they had lower than a tenth of the information we do at this time by way of treating main trauma, might nonetheless provide you with progressive and ingenious options to acute issues,” he stated.

Most of the most attention-grabbing medical circumstances Morris uncovered are featured in his vastly entertaining compendium of medical oddities, The Thriller of the Exploding Enamel, and Different Curiosities From the Historical past of Drugs. Common readers of his weblog (tagline: “making you grateful for contemporary medication”) will enjoy tales a few sword-swallowing sailor, a soldier who removed his personal bladder stone, a person with flammable belches, a lady who peed by way of her nostril, and a boy who inhaled a hen’s larynx and began honking like a goose.

All are delivered in elegant prose, punctuated with the creator’s distinctive dry wit. Morris has collected 500 or so of those often jaw-dropping circumstances to this point, and solely included 70 or so within the e-book. So a sequel (or two) is not out of the query.

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