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Comcast revives ‘E.T.’ to hawk cable and internet service

Comcast revives 'E.T.' to hawk cable and internet service

Tech organizations regularly prefer to dig wistfulness for a couple of snappy bucks, however Comcast is most likely pushing that passionate abuse excessively far. The telecom has posted a short film that reunites E.T’s. namesake outsider with human buddy Elliott to pitch Xfinity web and TV administration. Indeed, it’s actually as mushy and manipulative as it sounds – it shows E.T’s. funny battle to adjust to tablets, voice remotes and VR (complete with that music), and essentially repeats significant subjects of the 1982 motion picture over the course of about four minutes.

Comcast cites Henry Thomas, the on-screen character who plays Elliott, as saying that the short gives fans “all that they look for from a spin-off” less the parts that “could annihilate the excellence of the first.” Thomas, we love you, however that is simply false – it doesn’t generally propel the story (aside from demonstrating that Elliott raised a family) and lessens a Spielberg exemplary to an advertising device for an organization with an enemy of customer notoriety. It won’t totally sharp your cherished recollections, however we’d propose viewing the first film a short time later as a sense of taste chemical.

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